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3 February
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Hi ,
I'm Hiba in my twenties , Future MATHEMATICIAN insha'allah :D !

Big dreamer,4ever learning !

French/ english/Arabic is okay for me / i'm learning japanese now ( totally a beginner )

I enjoy the simplest things in life : food , nature , books , arts , kids , family , friends etc... ^_^ !!

fangirling is my part-time job :$ !

I'm arashian since 2013 :")
I love Arashi so much : They are more than five idols , they are something very special to me <3 i can't put it into words but i am grateful to have known them !

i created this account to enjoy their Tv shows and doramas with arashians from all over the world .

** i don't update so much tho sorry :/ **

Dw: @Hatenai-yume

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu <3

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